Research and Reports

  • A study conducted in Zambia’s remote Chunga Camp, Kafue National Park, by Connect Africa. This reveals that despite having to travel for up to an hour to reach a signal, 70 of 135 children at a boarding school in the area spend K50 (US$9) a month each on airtime.
  • CA conducted a survey report among men and women in seven rural areas in South Africa’s Limpolo Province. They indicate top telecommunication priorities include accessing telephones, buying airtime and topping up the electricity meter.
  • Pilot tests done by CA to manage and monitor six community pay phones connecting six deep rural communities in Zambia’s Central Province demonstrate clear demand for more telecommunication products.
  • CA research shows that provided a strategy which emphasises market orientation, sustainability and entrepreneurship is in place, innovative business models make rural technology solutions viable. Funding through strategic use of government Universal Service Access Funds could make wider rural coverage a reality.

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