Technology is not everything – yet

By Dion Jerling, Connect Africa Special Projects Director

Technology is such a fragile resource, in that it can be lost in a split second. Add to that a lack of food and you’ll last one month; a lack of water and you will last a few days; at which point the subsistence farmer who has never heard of Google, will become critical to your survival.

Within a few hours our connected modern way of life can be terminated and lost. Yet we can loose everything in the space of a few days.

lunch from van | Connect Africa | image

In another analogy, put a Wall Street banker into the jungles of the DRC and he’s likely to be dead in a month.

Put a Congolese villager in Wall Street, and within a month he may well be a millionaire.

Lets not underestimate the power of unconnected people. Then, lets connect them.

{Photo of our lunchtime musings spot, between Livingstone and Lusaka}

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