Naked Leadership: Lessons from Rural Zambia

During our expedition we spent time with one of the elders, Mutapwe, of Chiefdom Moono. During  a couple of hours of driving from Moono Palace to the Chiefdom of Shakumbila, the conversation with Mutapwe focused around Leadership.  What struck a chord is how the trends he mentioned in the change in style of leadership are what are being taught at leadership conferences around the world.

Lessons about Leadership from the elder, Mutapwe

Lessons about Leadership from the elder, Mutapwe

The Chief’s are chosen by the group of elders, family members and community leaders for having the character and aptitude that they feel will lead their community.

Amongst these qualities, the chief must have shown that he has humility, leadership, transparency and what Mutapwe referred to as “good quality”.  He is then groomed for the role, and has mentors and advisors helping to develop his leadership skills.

Telana wrote about this trend across rural and urban areas for transparent leaders, being termed “Naked Leadership”.  You can read more about it on her Inner Coaching blog here.