Connect Africa poised to revolutionise Rural Telecoms Coverage


Media Release
July 26, 2013

Zambian low-cost rural communications provider set to expand across the Continent

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA –Zambia’s pioneering rural telecommunications equipment and solutions company, Connect Africa, officially opened its Lusaka office today (July 26), paving the way for a roll-out of services across the region.

The company has chosen Zambia as its hub, which it plans to use as the springboard from which to launch its low-cost entrepreneur-driven information and communications technology (ICT) services to rural communities across southern Africa.

Office Opening

Department of Communications Assistant Director of Technical Services Sechwayo Nzima (centre) officially opens Connect Africa’s new Lusaka office, flanked by Connect Africa chairman Ian McFadyen (left) and Special Projects Director Dion Jerling.

“Connect Africa is pioneering a new model of service delivery that puts rural people in control of their communications needs,” explained Connect Africa Special Projects Director Dion Jerling. “We see Zambia as the leading example of how state-of-the art technology can be harnessed to connect remote communities to the mobile phone network, empowering them to develop their livelihoods as a result.” Continue reading