Exhausted smiles

We’re in full expedition mode.  Boxes and bags all over the flat, the trailer packed and ready to go, and the film crew here to document the next week too.

Tomorrow we head off into more rural Zambia, and set up camp next to one of the Chief’s palaces.  Today though, we spent the day in Lusaka interviewing.

film crew | Connect Africa | imageWe started with meeting the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication.  Director Soko shared the views of the Government, and how they feel it is important to connect people to information.

We then spent a few hours chatting to Mark Bennett, Managing Director and Clare Stead, Education Director of iSchool. Yet again, I am blown away by this social impact business.  Mark Bennett | Connect Africa | imageThey shared how their vision it not to create people who can pass an exam, but rather to empower people to become life-long learners and be able to contribute in the world.

We also spoke to Ernst Paul, the Chief Technical Officer of MTN Zambia, and heard more about their views on getting people in the rural areas connected through mobile phones.

Everyone is onboard to make things happen, now that there is technology and the fibre optic undersea cable infrastructure in place around Africa, which makes it possible.  These different players echoed Connect Africa’s own views, leaving us all very excited.

Interview MTN Zambia | Connect Africa | imageWhat we heard today is so promising and positive, we can’t help but go to sleep exhausted, and with a smile on our faces.


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Written by Telana Simpson
Date of these interviews:  Monday 23 July 2012 

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