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On our way to one of the schools in the Chiefdom of Moono, we stopped off at the Nambala Clinic.  Although it was busy with many expectant mothers, with Thursday being the antenatal clinic day, Dr Shadrack Sichilindi gave us some of his time to answer our questions, which we appreciated.

rural patients | Connect Africa | imageThe film crew set up in the office, while we waited outside and spoke with some of the ladies, who wanted photos with us, and to show us photos of their children stored on their cell phones.

Dr Sichilindi, dressed in his white medical uniform, echoed what the other clinic in Kabulwebulwe Chiefdom revealed to us too.  He summed it up in one statement: “Many lives could be saved if we had access to modern technology for communication”.

rural doctor | Connect Africa | imageBeing able to phone for an ambulance (and having roads that allow for access!) would be a good start, as well as being able to phone ahead to hospitals to give information, or get information, and speak with patients when needed.

Our interview was interrupted with an emergency when the Doctor was called to see to a child that had been brought in who had cut her hand badly.

We learnt too that computers would also have an important impact on this clinic.  Having got the child’s bleeding hand under control, Dr Sichilindi returned to us and continued to explain that patients buy a book that has all their details and medical history in it that the clinic keeps for them on some shelves.  “But there is not enough space to keep all the books for this large community, so a computer would help a lot.”

clinic patient | Connect Africa | imageAudrey Shangala, a patient patient, had been waiting since 6:00 in the morning to see a physician.  She was 7 months pregnant with her fourth child, and shared with us how if everyone in her village had a mobile phone, it would help with communication, especially if there were any accidents at night.

Realising that we had taken up too much of the Doctors precious time, and with some elders from the Moono Palace calling to see where we were, we bid our farewells to Nambala clinic, and headed on our way back to the Palace, via the school…. to be continued.

(PS- see more photos here)

Written by Telana Simpson
Date of visit to clinic:  Thursday 26 July 2012
Connectivity sponsored by MTN Zambia

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