Reflecting back… music, celebration and connectivity

Traditional Dancing | Connect Africa | image

Dancers mimic hunting a chicken as the crowd cheer

Reflecting back on Chief Shakumbila’s ceremony is a reminder that the season for celebrations is now over and the hard work resumes with all the vigor and promise of a New Year. With the sound of elaborately manipulated drums still ringing, it’s time to celebrate 2013 and get ready for an interesting year ahead for Connect Africa.

Traditional Ceremony | Connect Africa | image

Chief Shakumbila’s subjects celebrate the Likubilya Longo Ceremony

Zambia – where Connect Africa is plugging away at making internet connectivity and phone coverage possible for everyone – is ahead of many countries in Africa when it comes to mobile phone and ICT infrastructure. But still, 60 percent of the population remain under-served.

In the deep rural areas like this – Chief Shakumbila’s Palace – internet connectivity is possible, albeit intermittent – and it’s important for the local community.

Chief Shakumbila certainly welcomes modern technology and the access to information that it brings. His view is that technology – and information – enable enlightenment and empowerment.

Zambia is in the process of stepping up its rural ICT infrastructure, and many more exciting developments promise to unfold in the new year. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and send in your comments to be part of the action.

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